DVD Decrypter

DVD Decrypter

Extract DVDs onto your hard disk


  • Straightforward interface
  • You can rip specific files
  • Support for multi-angle movies
  • Removes CSS and region codes


  • No documentation included

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Windows > Video software > DVD & DivX > DVD Rippers.

DVD Decrypter is a neat app that allows you to rip the contents of your favorite DVD movies right onto your hard drive for further processing and editing.

Simply load the DVD movie in the computer's DVD drive and wait for DVD Decrypter to read the contents of the disc. You can then select the whole disk - or only the sections you're interested in - and extract them directly into a selected folder on your hard drive.

Despite its simplicity, DVD Decrypter includes interesting features such as support to remove CSS copy protection and region codes during the ripping process and support for multi-angle DVD movies.

The only drawback to DVD Decrypter is that it doesn't include any documentation and the support links on the Help menu in the program don't work either. At least you can have a look at the step-by-step tutorial included on the developer's website.

DVD Decrypter is a compact yet powerful DVD ripping tool with which you can copy the contents of a DVD movie right onto your hard drive.

DVD Decrypter is a highly versatile VOB-ripping utility. The software takes advantage of both the DeCSS Plus and VobDec algorithms to look up and decrypt the CSS encryption.

DVD Decrypter is also multi-angle aware, and capable of removing the Macrovision scrambling key, as well as the region code during the ripping process. Combine with FlaskMpeg for optimum results.

DVD Decrypter


DVD Decrypter

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